The goal of WarpFleet™ is to provide a way for package, plugin and extension authors to easily make their code available to users of Warp 10™ in a secure, reliable and perennial manner. Users of Warp 10™ should be able to rely on WarpFleet™ for accessing code they use which may no longer be available where the initial author first published it (provided no legal issues prevent this).

The process offered by WarpFleet™ is voluntary simple, providing an advanced user experience via a WebSite is not part of the goals. The focus should be on efficiency, not esthetics or fanciness.

One important goal of WarpFleet™ is to offer a coherent experience across all environments where WarpScript™ can be used, this includes the Warp 10™ Analytics Engine (interactive mode), as well as batch and streaming environments.


Since WarpFleet™ aims at exposing third party software to users of Warp 10™, some level of security has to be provided, especially to be able to identify and contact the original authors of the pieces of software exposed.

Quick start

$ npm install -g @senx/warpfleet
$ wf i