Artifacts Description Published Latest
  warp10-ext-arrow Conversions to and from Apache Arrow streaming format 2020-11-06 2.0.2-uberjar
  warp10-ext-barcode WarpScript™ Barcode Extension 2020-01-21 1.0.1-uberjar
  warp10-ext-flows FLoWS WarpScript Extension 2020-09-30 0.1.0-uberjar
  warp10-ext-forecasting Forecast extension 2020-09-09 2.0.0
  warp10-ext-geotransform Extension to transform coordinates from one geographic coordinate system to another. Based on Proj4J. 2019-04-26 0.1.1
  warp10-ext-grok Grok WarpScript™ Extension 2019-06-05 0.1.0-uberjar
  warp10-ext-influxdb WarpScript™ InfluxDB Extension 2020-10-01 1.0.1-uberjar
  warp10-ext-jdbc JDBC WarpScript Extension 2020-09-15 1.1.0-uberjar
  warp10-ext-jmh JMH for WarpScript™ 2020-08-04 0.0.1
  warp10-ext-kairosdb KairosDB WarpScript Extension 2020-06-01 0.1.0-uberjar
  warp10-ext-pcap WarpScript™ PCap Extension 2019-02-21 0.1.0
  warp10-ext-pmml WarpScript™ PMML Extension 2019-02-20 0.2.0-uberjar
  warp10-ext-polyglot WarpScript™ Polyglot Extension 2019-02-08 0.1.0
  warp10-ext-protobuf Protocol Buffers WarpScript Extension 2020-07-10 1.1.0-uberjar
  warp10-ext-redis WarpScrip™ Redis Extension 2019-03-13 0.0.1-uberjar
  warp10-ext-reflector Reflect any Java constructor or method to make them accessible from WarpScript. 2020-02-20 0.0.2-uberjar
  warp10-ext-s3 WarpScript™ S3 Extension 2019-02-20 0.2.0-uberjar
  warp10-ext-swift WarpScript™ Swift Extension 2019-03-07 0.0.1-uberjar
  warp10-ext-tensorflow WarpScript™ TensorFlow Extension 2019-06-04 1.0.0-uberjar
  warp10-ext-thrift Thrift WarpScript Extension 2020-05-05 1.1.0
  warp10-plugin-kafka Warp 10™ Kafka Plugin 2019-07-19 1.0.0
  warp10-plugin-kstreams Warp 10 Kafka Streams Plugin 2020-04-01 1.0.0-uberuberjar
  warp10-plugin-mqtt Warp 10™ MQTT Plugin 2019-06-07 0.2.0-uberjar
  warp10-plugin-py4j Py4J plugin 2019-11-26 1.0.0-uberjar
  warp10-plugin-warpstudio WarpStudio, the WarpScript editor 2019-11-08 1.0.8
  warp10-plugin-zeppelin Warp 10™ Zeppelin Extension 2019-03-08 1.0.2-uberjar